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We offer a full range of handmade, easy to apply and reusable strip lashes to suit everyone's taste and perfectly fit any eye shape. They accentuate your eyes and bring maximum length and volume to your natural lashes while being very light weight.

You can choose from over 80 designs divided into 6 categories:

  • Natural: Gives you a natural mascara effect for an elegant style. Each lash is clearly and precisely defined.
  • Glamorous: Gives you a stunning and dramatic look. Ideal to add and impact to your makeup.
  • Fuller: Brings you fullness at the roots and volume at the tip to achieve a smoky sultry look.
  • Double volume: Adds extra volume to your natural lashes. Perfect for intense and captivating eye looks.
  • Triple volume: Add triple extra volume to your natural lashes. Bring a wild effect.